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We help those coping with a loss take back control of their lives and help seniors and families with seniors put advance-personal-planning in place BEFORE the need arises.  Get in touch with our speaker's scheduler and to make your next event for seniors a success!

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  • ​Helping families struggling with a loss
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Latest News

November of 2016-  Added more industry experts, + website info page added

March of 2016-  Launching our free community service classes in Spanish, Chinese and Korean languages

October of 2015-   Additional class subjects added, industry guest speakers added

May of 2015-  Launching our free community service classes

Savings Families Thousands

5-week Repeating Class topics

Care to Share Cards- Helping grieving families and individuals cope with a loss

​Life Happens; Life, Living, Senior Planning and of the best ending

Beginning with the end in mind; medical care; hospital advocates, healthcare POA

3 smart documents for smart seniors; Healthcare POA, POLST, and DNR (advanced directives)

Advance Planning; Who needs it?  Why?  When? & Putting a Plan into Place NOW

Weekly workshops for seniors

Weekly workshops for families with senior parents

Estate Planning Basics

Wills and Trusts:  Do I need a trust?  Keeping wills updated and when

Cemetery & Funeral pre-planning basics; Saving Families Thousands 

Personal Planning Advanced (it's not all doom-and-gloom + Fun-eral planning

Senior Living:  Meals, Mobility & Wellness Monitoring

Long Term Care Planning: Staying Home, Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Final Care Planning:  Hospice & Hospitals

Vital Documents; organization, storage, sharing with key family members