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Each year, nearly 56 million people die (152,000 people each day) and many unexpectedly without a plan in place.  For some, the shock of losing loved ones means that the rest of their life is put on hold.  Our mission is to help restore hope and faith with these individuals and second is to help these individuals and families feel better about the future and get better prepared for the additional storms ahead. It's never too early to make advance plans but most often it is done too late or not at all.  People avoid even the conversation of advanced planning until it's too late.  The majority of seniors and families with senior parents do not have the necessary advance plans in place to keep the peace of mind when a death occurs.  

There is an easier way.  Grief counseling and advance planning is available to help make it easier with the seniors and families with senior parents you love and serve. Call now to schedule your workshop for seniors NOW.  You and your families will be glad you did.

HELP us:  Grieving families, and individuals that have lost hope can use your help!  Call now to see what you can do to help restore hope and faith for someone experiencing a loss..

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